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Book by Chris Kilham - Former USA Ambassador for Vanuatu
A Chinese factory is opening to extract kava lactones in Vanuatu has been announced this week by leading Pentecost Minister for Trade Ham Lini. Kava, Piper Methysticum, is the most effective relaxing and stress-relieving plant in all of nature. However, following questions about possible liver toxicity fundamental research released  by the World Health Authority proves that Kava is safe and effective when specific kava types are used. The 'noble kavas' were again broached in Parliament and Minister Lini said "Under kava development we recently passed an Act in Parliament to improve kava quality." The Act, he went on, will ensure the 10 noble varieties of kava are grown. A machine at the Food Centre will also assist quality.

"Through the hard work of Dr Vincent Lebot, the machine indicates whether or not the kava is passable for export," Lini told Daily Post.

Kava originally became a boom in the USA market in 1998 following articles by Chris Kilham appearing in mainstream press explaining the stress relief and sleep promoting properties.

““To become a star, every herb needs a prophet. In the case of kava, it is Mr. Kilham… (Kilham) has become a one man public relations agency for the herb.” -- The Wall Street Journal

This new initiative lead by the Minister of Trade Ham Lini means that Kava farmers of all ages (10 upwards) are destined for a large cash flow from a ready factory market that will be built via Chinese Investment.

Kava in the late 1990's and early 2000's reached prices of over VT1000 per kilo and the plant faced a massive boom in demand worldwide. Kava overtook Coprah as the largest exported product. The foriegn reserves from the Kava boom greatly assisted rural development. Minister Ham Lini has done his island of Pentecost proud by securing this investment as Kava. It is documented in the Book by Chris Kilham quoting research by Dr. Lebot that Kava originated from Vanuatu and likely Pentecost Island.


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